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The recovery of scrap generated during the production of blown film, cast film, tape and extrusion coating processes is a key element in reducing manufacturing costs. The ASR system can recycle trim scrap and off-spec roll scrap in-line and turn your scrap back into profit without the expense of repelletizing. A complete ASR system consists of several components. A trim removal inducer will take edge trims, bleed trims or tapes in a continuous ribbon form from the extrusion line and convey it to an air eliminator mounted on a film scrap grinder.
RMX with Touch Screen

RMX-Series Refeed Machines


The RMX Series Refeed Machine is part of a complete asr® Automatic Scrap Recycling System for recycling scrap generated on a film extrusion line. The RMX Series is specifically designed for use with Gravitrol® Gravimetric Extrusion Control Systems. The compact size also makes the RMX Series suitable for applications with headroom restrictions without sacrificing the performance that has made the asr® Refeed Machine popular for film applications.

The unique, double-compartment RMX Series Refeed Machine operates with a variable-speed auger/bridge-breaker assembly to compact and meter ground scrap from the inner hopper to the throat of the production extruder. The outer compartment contains virgin material which is ...

GF and GFA Series Film Scrap Grinder & Accessories

GF Series Film Scrap Grinder & Accessories

The GF Series grinders from Process Control Corporation are used as part of an asr® Automatic Scrap Recycling system for in-line recycling of production film scrap. GF Series grinders are designed to provide efficient, uniform grinding of film scrap. There are four cutting chamber sizes available along with different horsepower motors to accurately match the grinder to the required scrap rate. The GF Series grinders are available in configurations that accept edge and bleed trims, roll scrap, and loose scrap.

Standard carbide-coated knives are employed in the system, increasing the time between sharpening. The rotor knives approach the stationary bed knife, or knives, at a steep angle to ensure a clean scissors-cut. This technique is used for maximum bulk-density and flow of ground scrap. The open rotor design improves airflow for cooling , permitting the highest possible throughput.

After the cutting chamber, material passes through a sizing screen that is chosen specifically for the application and material. The ground scrap is pulled through the grinder screen and carried through the process by the scrap conveying fan standard on each GF Series grinder.

Reintroduction of roll scrap is achieved with the attachment of an optional RN Series roll feeder. The roll feeder has knurled rolls that provide a strong pull on the film, without wrapping. They are available in several sizes with variable speed DC motors that run at 3 - 32 fpm (1 - 10 m/min).

The control panel for the grinders includes a motor starter for the grinder. When purchased as part of a complete asr® system, the control panel includes controls for the inducers and roll feeder, as well.
IN-Series Trim Removal Inducers

IN-Series Trim Removal Inducers

Process Control's IN Series Inducers are designed to pick up and convey edge and/or bleed trims generated in the production of plastic film or other thin-gauge products such as foam, tape, paper or foil. These continuous trims are picked up by suction, conveyed into the inducer's venturi section and blown to a destination such as a Process Control film grinder or a waste container.

Process Control inducer manifolds are designed to insure that the air velocity at the pickup point is maintained so that trims do not wrap around the cutters.

The IN Series inducers feature an adjustable venturi to allow you to tune the inducer for peak performance with your installation.

IN Series inducers have a higher induced air to ...
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