Process Control offers a complete line of material handling equipment specifically designed for reliable conveying and distribution of plastic materials. The Director™ Series sequencing control panel is an easy-to-use touch screen panel that allows operators the ability to control and monitor all aspects of a central vacuum loading system. The sequencing panel controls the central vacuum pump, the vacuum receivers and can also control a central dust collector and a continuous run valve.

All information and operating controls of the Director™ are located on a touch screen interface. The touch screen interface allows the user to activate, adjust and monitor loading and system information on the panel.

Most features on the user interface are self-explanatory, but a HELP key is located on every screen to further assist with operational procedures.

The Director™ Series sequencing control panel uses the reliable Allen Bradley MicroLogix™ 1400 PLC to control the loading process. With an automatic fill time calculation, the Director™ can automatically determine and set the fill time for any or all stations, considerably reducing start-up time. System configurations can be specified to load from 4 to 30 stations using one or more pumps. Other configurations can also be defined based on the requirements of the system. The entire system has been intuitively mapped giving the user benefits in both technology and process control.

The easy-to-use Director™ Series will provide many years of trouble free service. With the best in touch screen technology and friendly operational mapping, the Director™ will assist you in controlling and monitoring all aspects of a central vacuum loading system.

Standard Features

  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix™ 1400 PLC with Ethernet port
  • 6" monochrome touch screen
  • Displays alarm conditions and maintains alarm log
  • Automatic fill time calculation
  • Status or progress monitor

Optional Features

  • 10" Color touch screen
  • Multiple pump, dust collector control
  • Special controls and electricals
  • Pump variable speed control for each station
  • Remote panel
  • Remote communication capability via Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet or DH485

The Director™ Series: automatic control of vacuum conveying systems

Unit of Measure

Display Type

N/A Color
Station Control Capacity1 N/A 30+ 4 to 30


N/A 8.3 in210 mm


N/A 15.75 in400 mm


N/A 20.50 in520 mm

Shipping Weight

N/A 37 lb81 kg
  • 1 For Station Control Capacity give custom dimensions.