Process Control's PT Series Floor Level Box Tilter is an easy-to-use Gaylord container tilter which offers fork truck, pallet jack, or hand truck loading of bulk containers. Its rugged construction and reliable operating assemblies assure long lasting, dependable operation. By adjusting the PSIG on the air bag to a prescribed setting, a constant pressure slowly lifts the Gaylord automatically as it empties and becomes lighter. This action moves the material to the corner and allows the pick-up lance to completely empty the container. Most loose materials will empty completely. However, for difficult flowing materials, an optional vibration package is available. An adjustable wand holder is provided to facilitate easy attachment of a standard vacuum pick-up lance.

Standard Features
  • Capacity: 2,000 lbs maximum
  • Base Dimensions: 71" x 52"
  • Floor space requirement: 71" x 80"
  • Floor level entry provides easy loading and unloading of containers
  • Adjustable pick-up lance holder
  • Tilts container to 45 degrees
  • Tilt bucket drops flat on the floor
  • Easy loading and unloading of containers
  • Flexibility with entry from two different angles
  • Smooth lifting with air bag device which is coupled with a pressure regulator and gauge
  • Setting the PSIG allows tilter to lift with a constant pressure so material moves toward wand for complete cleanout
  • Hand control
  • Power system: air (40-100 psi required)
  • Heavy-duty mild steel construction
  • Vibrator for difficult flowing materials
  • Casters
  • Special Paint
The PT-Series Pneumatic Box Tilter: smooth tilt action with easy on & off placement
Unit of Measure



N/A 1500 lb682 kg

Maximum Capacity

N/A 2,000 lb

Base Dimension

N/A 71 x 52 in

Floor Space Requirement

N/A 71 x 80 in

Power System Requirement (Air)

N/A 40 to 100 psi

Material of Construction

N/A Heavy-Duty Mild Steel

Paint Type

N/A Special