Process Control's material handling equipment is specially designed for bulk conveying of plastic materials. Years of experience with plastics processors enables Process Control engineers to size conveying equipment for reliable, cost-effective loading of gravimetric and bulk systems.

The VP Series Vacuum/Pressure Power Unit is typically used as part of a truck or railcar unloading system. It is designed to pull material to its transfer station, where it passes through a rotary feeder to the pressure side of the system. The material is then blown to storage container such as a silo or day bin. The VP Series can be part of an integrated plant distribution system designed by Process Control to meet your specific needs. Process Control supplies a complete line of material handling equipment including hardware, pumps, receivers, controllers, silos and day bins.

For higher rate requirements, separate vacuum and pressure power units are teamed with a CH Series transfer station to achieve the same function as the integrated VP Series power unit.

To ensure a continuous supply of material to any number of plant sites, Process Control Engineers work with you to select the best equipment and integrate it into a system capable of continuous operation and guaranteed performance.

Standard Features
  • 20 to 50 horsepower available
  • Positive displacement blower
  • T-frame TEFC motor
  • Enclosed V-belt drive
  • Dual-stage intake filter
  • Discharge silencer
  • Vacuum relief valve and gauge
  • Level control
  • Special Paint
  • Special electricals
  • Fused panel disconnect
  • Level controls at storage or use points
  • Proofing interlocks
The VP Series: designed for bulk unloading of plastics from trucks or railcars
Unit of Measure


Motor Power

N/A 25 hp19 kW

Rotary Feeder

N/A 1.0 hp0.75 kW

Line Size (O.D.)

N/A 4 in

Paint Type

N/A Special

Shipping Weight

N/A 2795 lb1270 kg


Dimension A

N/A 73.0 in1854 mm

Dimension B

N/A 64.0 in1630 mm

Dimension C

N/A 132.0 in3360 mm