The Guardian 2 gravimetric batch blender was developed for processors who want the simplicity of operation combined with the most accurate dispensing and superior blend homogeneity at a low cost. For these customers, Process Control designed the Guardian 2.

The blenders in the 5kg Guardian 2 family have been designed with segmented material hoppers to hold each of the ingredients. The 5kg Guardian 2 can be supplied with up to eight separate ingredient hoppers as standard.

The outlet of each of the individual material hoppers is equipped with a fast acting V-gate valve. Each of the materials are dispensed sequentially into a common weighing hopper in the desired proportions. The weighed materials are then released into a separate mixing chamber which provides the most consistent homogenous blend of any batch type blender.

Process Control engineers have developed a highly advanced dispensing and weighing system that accurately controls each ingredient of every batch to the desired amounts and is not averaged over multiple batches as is common in other batch blenders in the industry. At the blenders highest accuracy setting, each ingredient can be dispensed to an accuracy of ±0.02%

In addition to precise batch-to-batch dispensing, the performance of the mixer is just as critical to the end product. The mixer actually determines how uniform the blend will be. inadequate mixing can lead to inconsistent product characteristics such as color variations or other imperfections.

The Guardian 2 blenders have incorporated in the design a built in clean-out system. With a pull-out drain chute and separate manual slide-gate controls, the blender can be cleaned-out quickly and easily during product changeovers.

Standard Features
  • Integral loading platform for mounting vacuum receivers.
  • Attached air hose & nozzle for cleaning.
  • Support for a wide variety of communications protocols.
  • Pulsing V-gate metering designed to accurately meter each ingredient in every batch.
  • Advanced mechanical agitator in a "No Dead Zone" mixing chamber for a precise blend homogeneity.
  • Integral drain chute provides for fast and thorough clean-out.
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Guardian5-6el N/A 6 Element 5kg Guardian® Series 2 Blender N/A 5 kg N/A 400 V460 V N/A 3 N/A 50 Hz60 Hz N/A N/A N/A N/A 650 lb N/A 1600 PPH N/A 1350 PPH
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