The RN Series Vacuum Receiver, from Process Control, is part of a complete vacuum conveying system for in-plant distribution or machine/blender loading. When coupled with a vacuum pump and sequencing panel (both priced separately), the RN Series provides automatic loading of pellet materials.

The RN Series Vacuum Receiver is designed to be mounted at any point where resin delivery is needed. As the station calls out for a load, a sequencing panel sends a signal to the RN to open its sequencing valve and pull vacuum on this receiver. The material is pulled from the connected source until the fill cycle is complete. Then, the material is dumped from the receiver immediately (by means of a flapper valve) or held for future use (by a positive shutoff valve).

A built-in screen prevents carry-over of pellet material back to the vacuum pump. For materials which have significant fines and dust, an optional dust collector should be purchased to reduce maintenance and protect the vacuum pump.

The RN Series Vacuum Receiver is low-maintenance: no valves come into contact with conveyed material and no tools are needed for pellet retaining screen changes.

Standard Specifications
  • Air operated sequencing valve in lid requires 80-100 psi of filtered, lubricated shop air for solenoid actuators and control cylinders. The total supply air required per cycle is 0.005 cu. ft.
  • 24 VDC control voltage
  • Load level proximity switch
  • Flapper-type valve to create a positive seal
  • Simple slide-out pellet screen with two side latches.
  • Mild steel construction
  • Check valve for common material line applications
  • Swing-gate or knife-gate positive shut-off discharge valve
  • 110VAC control voltage
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Director series sequencing control panel
  • Central vacuum power unit
  • Central dust collector
  • High temperature design
The RN Series: combined with PCC's Vacuum Power Units, it is designed for dependable and efficient conveying of pellets
Unit of Measure


Working Capacity

N/A 0.65 ft³18.4 dm³

Control Voltage (DC)

N/A 24 V

Control Voltage (AC)

N/A 110 V

Material of Construction

N/A Mild Steel Stainless Steel

Shipping Weight

N/A 55 lb24.9 kg


Dimension A

N/A 11.0 in279 mm

Dimension B

N/A 2.0 in2.5 in3.0 in3.5 in4.0 in51 mm63.5 mm76.2 mm88.9 mm101.6 mm

Dimension C

N/A 15.31 in388 mm

Dimension D

N/A 23.77 in604 mm

Dimension E

N/A 25.52 in648 mm

Dimension F

N/A 1.35 in34.3 mm

Dimension G (Diameter)

N/A 16.0 in406 mm

Dimension H

N/A 14.81 in376 mm