The RMX Series Refeed Machine is part of a complete asr® Automatic Scrap Recycling System for recycling scrap generated on a film extrusion line. The RMX Series is specifically designed for use with Gravitrol® Gravimetric Extrusion Control Systems. The compact size also makes the RMX Series suitable for applications with headroom restrictions without sacrificing the performance that has made the asr® Refeed Machine popular for film applications.

The unique, double-compartment RMX Series Refeed Machine operates with a variable-speed auger/bridge-breaker assembly to compact and meter ground scrap from the inner hopper to the throat of the production extruder. The outer compartment contains virgin material which is gravity-fed to the throat. The virgin material completely surrounds the ground scrap as it enters the extruder. The extruder screw receives a consistent column of compacted ground scrap surrounded by virgin material. This method provides consistent operation without extruder surging or starvation. With the standard extruder follower circuit, refeed machine will increase or decrease the scrap rate in proportion to the extruder speed. This holds scrap percentage constant without additional operator attention.

Standard Specifications
Drive System: DC Motor flanged to hollow-shaft gear box drives the single rotating member used to compact and refeed scrap. An SCR speed control includes adjustable torque limit, extruder screw following and signal isolation circuits. Start/Stop buttons, load meter and tachometer are mounted and wired in a NEMA-12 enclosure, 15" x 15" for remote mounting and wiring by others.

Electricals: Power requirements-230 volt, single phase for drive; 115 volt, single phase for controls. A ground scrap high level switch interfaces with scrap grinder.

Materials of Construction: Mild steel.

Paint: High-gloss epoxy of PCC standard color.

•Isolation transformer for use with non-230 volt, single phase systems
•Additive feeders
•Trim Removal Inducers
•Film Scrap Grinders
•High Efficiency Cyclone
•Cyclone Filter Assembly
•A/C Drive
The RMX Series: for use with asr® and Gravitrol® systems to recycle edge and/or bleed trims, tape, roll scrap and loose scrap, individually or simultaneously


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Item #

Maximum Scrap Rate

Fits Extruder Size

Dimension A (Auger Diam. at Fluff Tube)

Usable Capacity (Scrap)

Usable Capacity (Virgin)

RMX2 N/A 20 ft³/h0.57 m³/h N/A 2.5 to 4.5 in63.5 to 114.3 mm N/A 2.3 in45.8 mm N/A 1.0 ft³0.03 m³ N/A 0.5 ft³0.015 m³
RMX3 N/A 40 ft³/h1.13 m³/h N/A 3.5 to 6.0 in88.9 to 152.4 mm N/A 3.0 in76.2 mm N/A 1.0 ft³0.03 m³ N/A 0.5 ft³0.015 m³
RMX4 N/A 90 ft³/h2.55 m³/h N/A 4.5 to 8.0 in114.3 to 203.2 mm N/A 4.0 in101.6 mm N/A 1.0 ft³0.03 m³ N/A 0.5 ft³0.015 m³
RMX5 N/A 120 ft³/h3.4 m³/h N/A 6.0 to 8.0 in152.4 to 203.2 mm N/A 5.0 in127.0 mm N/A 1.0 ft³0.03 m³ N/A 0.5 ft³0.015 m³
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