Process Control's Gravitrol® Gravimetric Extrusion Control Systems automate the control of any extrusion line - coextrusion or mono extrusion - on the basis of weight. The EXB2 Central Computer/ Operator Station is the key component of a complete Gravitrol® system.

A standard system has an HG Series Weigh Hopper mounted on each extruder to measure the weight throughput. The weigh hopper reports the measurements to the EXB2 central computer, which controls the extruder drives via B&R Drive Speed Modules. A B&R Line Speed Control Module can be added to control the take-off device for control of line yield (weight per length).

In coextrusion applications with Process Control X Series blenders, the EXB2 central computer communicates with the blenders' computers for integrated control.

The EXB2 communicates over a high-speed serial interface. Based on the weight readings from the weigh hoppers, the EXB2 periodically adjusts the speed of each extruder through the Drive Control Module (one per extruder).

The EXB2 Series is also the primary operator station for recipe entry, line operation and monitoring. The EXB2 contains an integrated membrane switch keypad for command/ data entry and an easy-to-read display. Alarm functions have been designed for maximum flexibility with three severity levels. Each level contains a separate LED indicator and contact closures that can be connected to any desired device. Security features include a key switch to prevent unauthorized access to system parameters and recipes.

The EXB2 Series also features remote interface capabilities that allow the Gravitrol® system to be integrated with a complete plant supervisory control system. Connectivity with yor protocals: Modbus RTU and Modbus IP, Allen Bradley E/IP CIP, and Profibus DP, Profinet. Through these remote interfaces, the Gravitrol® system can be controlled and monitored from a central location.

The EXB2 Central Computer/ Operator Interface, as part of a complete Gravitrol® system, offers flexibility and ease-of-use with the best possible gravimetric control.

Standard Features

  • Membrane switch keypad
  • Vacuum fluorescent display status LED's
  • Sophisticated 32-bit microcomputer
  • Quick installation on new or existing line
  • Security key for restricted access
  • Stand-alone enclosure
  • Mono extrusion control


  • Coextrusion control
  • Gravitrol® B&R Drive Speed Control Modules
  • Gravitrol® B&R Line Speed Control Module
  • Interface to layflat controls
  • Special electricals
  • Profibus DP interface

The Gravitrol® System: complete gravimetric extrusion control (EXB2-Series GRAVITROL® Operator Station is the interface panel of the EXB2 Series Central Computer/Operator Station)


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