The PF Series Powder Feeder from Process Control offers operators unprecedented metering accuracy from ultra low rates up to 6000 pounds per hour.

Incorporated into the brushed stainless steel design is a unique round-to-trough feeding area which provides more consistent mass flow for better metering accuracy. The feeder is designed with a steep wall, removable hopper which features a dust-tight band clamp for easy mounting of hopper extensions and quick disassembly for clean out. The bottom trough design is optimized to provide maximum material exposure to the auger.

Separate DC-type drives for the agitator and metering auger allow appropriate agitation at all auger speeds. Metering augers are available in full pitch or 1/2 pitch configurations with helix diameters from 1/4 inch to 2-1/4 inches. The PF Series can be configured with controls for intermittent agitator operation, which is particularly useful when operating at very low rates. Additionally, this variable speed agitator permits thorough mixing in all areas of the metering section.

The unprecedented metering accuracy of the PF Series Powder Feeder is enhanced by a proprietary filtering method (pat. pend.) which allows very accurate and consistent gravimetric metering in the presence of ambient vibration and electrical noise.

The feeder is available either as a stand-alone or configured as an element on a gravimetric blender.

Mechanical Features

  • Brushless DC auger motor and SCR DC agitator motor.
  • All mechanical components are disassembled from the drive end, without the uses of tools.

Control Features

  • Feeder PLC monitors hopper weight loss for precise metering rate.
  • Color touch screen display for easy viewing of inventory and performance data.
  • Separate enclosure houses touch screen, monitor drives, and weigh module.


  • Blend Manager Software for integrating real-time trending, material management and monitoring.
  • Support stand with vertical outlet downspout and platform for loading equipment.

Constructed of electro-polished stainless steel, the PF Series Powder Feeder from Process Control delivers unparalleled accuracy.

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Item #

Auger Size

Nominal Rate

Dimension A

Shipping Weight

PFB03 N/A 0.31 in0.5 in0.75 in1.0 in8 mm13 mm19 mm25 mm N/A 0 to 528 PPH0 to 240 kg/h N/A 30.3 in770 mm N/A 233 lb106 kg
PFB07 N/A 0.31 in0.5 in0.75 in1.0 in8 mm13 mm19 mm25 mm N/A 0 to 528 PPH0 to 240 kg/h N/A 35.2 in894 mm N/A 242 lb110 kg
PFC20 N/A 1.0 in1.5 in1.75 in2.25 in25 mm38 mm44 mm57 mm N/A 53 to 6600 PPH24 to 3000 kg/h N/A 50.0 in1270 mm N/A 260 lb118 kg
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