Process Control Corporation specializes in equipment for bulk conveying of plastic materials. The equipment is designed to stand up to the toughest demands of your application, including high material flow rates, multiple distribution points and long conveying distances.

The CH Series transfer station, with cyclone, is designed for use in dual blower conveying systems. Used in conjunction with the VL Series vacuum pump and P series pressure pump (both available separately), the CH Series is used to transfer the material from the vacuum part of the system to the pressure part of the system. The VL pump creates the vacuum which pulls the material from a railcar or truck into the cyclone mounted on top of the transfer station. The material then drops down, through a rotary airlock feeder, into a blow through assembly. The P series then applies the pressure to convey the material to its storage point, silo or day bin. Process Control engineers are always available to assist you in designing the best system to meet your application. Process Control supplies a complete line of material handling equipment including tubing and hardware, vacuum and pressure pumps, controllers, silos and day bins.

Standard Features
  • Rotary feeder with shear eliminator and vent
  • Polyphase gear motor Power: 460V/3Ph/60Hz
  • High efficiency cyclone designed for air flow as required
  • Level control rotary vane, electromechanical type
  • Four-sided chain guard w/removable access cover
  • Reinforced heavy steel base plate
  • Mild steel construction
  • Special motor
  • Special electricals
  • Epoxy coating
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Special paint
  • Baghouse type filter
The CH Series: designed for use with a dual blower conveying system
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Item #

Rotary Feeder

Dimension A

Shipping Weight

CH25_825_ N/A 0.75 hp N/A 2.5 in64 mm N/A 1217 lb553 kg
CH30_1025_ N/A 1.0 hp N/A 3.0 in76 mm N/A 1626 lb739 kg
CH35_1030_ N/A 1.0 hp N/A 3.5 in89 mm N/A 1639 lb745 kg
CH40_1235_ N/A 1.5 hp N/A 4.0 in102 mm N/A 1826 lb830 kg
CH45_1240_ N/A 1.5 hp N/A 4.5 in114 mm N/A 1837 lb835 kg
CH50_1440_ N/A 2.0 hp N/A 5.0 in127 mm N/A 2123 lb965 kg
CH55_1445_ N/A 2.0 hp N/A 5.5 in140 mm N/A 2174 lb988 kg
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