Process Control specializes in equipment for bulk conveying of plastic materials. Our conveying equipment is designed to stand up to the demands of your application.

To prevent bottle-necking and ensure a continuous supply to the material's destination, Process Control engineers work with you to select the best equipment and integrate it into a reliable system capable of continuous operation and guaranteed performance.

The VB Series from Process Control is designed for low to moderate rate conveying and quiet, low-maintenance performance. As part of an integrated material handling system, the VB Series can improve the efficiency of your plastics processing.

Standard Features

  • 3, 6.2, and 7.5 HP available
  • Quiet ring compressor design
  • TEFC Motor (indoors only)
  • Dual-stage intake filter
  • Vacuum relief valve
  • Power: 460V/3PH/60Hz
  • Control Voltage: 24VDC or 115VAC
  • Motor starter panel


  • Variable Speed Drive controlled
  • Special Voltages
  • Continuous Run Valve to Reduce Pump Cycling

For Your Material Handling Applications, PCC Also Offers:

  • Central Vacuum Pumps - VE and VF Series
  • Vacuum Receivers - RN Series for Pellets. RP Series for Regrinds and/or Powder Materials
  • Sequencing Control Panels - Director Series
  • Central Dust Collector - RDJ Series
  • Interconnecting Tubing and Hardware
  • Surge Bins and Silos
  • Tilt Tables
  • Railcar Unloading Systems
  • Mechanical Installation

The VB Series: designed for low to moderate rate conveying of pellets and regrinds

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Item #

Motor Power

Tube Size

Dimension A

Shipping Weight

VBB N/A 3 hp2.2 kW N/A 2.0 in51 mm N/A 23.1 in587 mm N/A 100 lb45 kg
VBC N/A 6.2 hp4.5 kW N/A 2.0 in51 mm N/A 20.0 in509 mm N/A 150 lb54 kg
VBD N/A 7.5 hp5.6 kW N/A 2.5 in64 mm N/A 23.8 in605 mm N/A 200 lb91 kg
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